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Custom Three & Four-Season Porch Additions

Porches are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather and enhance your deck or yard. SBCI Construction can help you design & build a custom and unique porch that will best fit all your needs. Types of Porches offered 3-Season Porches, 4-Season Porches, Screened Porches and Sun Rooms. All Porches are designed & built to tie into your homes exterior by matching your homes exteriors materials and finishes.

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  • 3 Season Porch AdditionsPorch 13 | 14'x14' Three-season screen porch addition and staircase.
  • Porch and Deck ContractorPorch 12 | 14'x14' Screen porch with floor-to-ceiling screens and large custom cedar columns, deck and staircase.
  • Three-Season Porch AdditionPorch 3 | 14'x14' Three-season porch with half-round window, custom cedar deck and stairscase.
  • Porch with attached deck BuilderPorch 14b | 12'x14' Screen porch with composite Trex decking and all-aluminum rail system.
  • Four-Season Sun Room BuilderPorch 2 | 12'x14' Custom built, four-season sun room addition.
  • Porch and Deck IdeasPorch 4 | 14'x14' Three-season porch with cedar deck and custom gable glass.
  • Four Season Porch BuilderPorch 5 | 14'x16' Four-season room addition with built-in gas fireplace and custom gable glass.
  • Three Season Porch ConstructionPorch 6 | 12'x12' Three-season porch with cedar deck and 2-piece custom gable glass.
  • Custom Built Home AdditionPorch 7 | Interior of an addition. Removed back-wall of house and built extension with large custom windows, half-round cap window.
  • Three Season Porch PlansPorch 9 | 12'x14' Three-season porch with attached, 12'x16' Trex composite deck.
  • Screen Porch BuilderPorch 11 | 14'x16' Screened-in porch, with attached 14'x16' cedar deck.
  • Porch with attached deck plansPorch 14a | 12'x14' Screen porch with composite Trex decking and all-aluminum rail system.